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Congratulations! You are on this page because you are someone who KNOWS you are here to make an even bigger difference, with heart and integrity. You are someone I call a "Difference Maker". And yet…

Follow these 5 steps
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Step 1: Watch this video and use your experience to complete your Application Form. Be sure to describe what you SEE and FEEL in the last question on your Preparation Form.

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From start to finish, this is a gorgeous, eye-opening, soul shaking, change accelerating process so be sure to give yourself the time and space to complete it.

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clip_image016.jpg 119x88 "With all the personal development offerings around, it's easy to get a little jaded. I knew I had to take my business in a new direction. I couldn't get the traction I needed in this specific area. What I discovered with the Eidetics work was that there were some places in my spirit and my heart...this is still really emotional for me... that I needed to heal first before I had the courage and the trust to take my business in a completely new direction. I'm a real bottom line person. A lot of us in personal development walk a line between results and knowing that we need to also move in spirit, and move in heart.

What I discovered was what was in the way. I've been working on trust for 30 years: trusting the Universe, a higher power, whatever you want to identify that as, as well as trusting myself. It was only through the eidetics work that I finally found a tool that helped me not hope, but KNOW that I was in a loving Universe, and that it was safe, for the first time, to trust.

Before I did the eidetics work, I considered myself successful. But I was anxious morning and night. I would wake up adrenalized, I would wake up ready to go to battle. That's what it felt like because I never knew what was going to be tossed at me. I didn't trust that I already had all the skills that I needed to deal with it. I was living in that anxiety and something that I really didn't recognize as fear and scarcity. I thought I had done that work!

The thing that I think makes eidetic work so special is that it bypasses all the intellect. It is heart and spirit based work. I know this sounds funny coming from someone as bottom line as I am, but it bypasses my needing to think about it. And it goes right to my heart. So I can feel. This work opened me up so that I could receive, so that I could ALLOW myself to say yes.

I was stuck on the work that I needed to do to change my business. And literally within 48 hours of when Wendy Yellen and I started to do this work, people started coming to me to say, "What are you doing and can I help?" Now, they MAY have been coming for the last 20 years! I may not have been able to hear them or see them because I wasn't open. I wasn't ready to let myself be vulnerable enough to not only ask for help but to allow myself to accept help that was gladly given. I don't think I have the words to convey the breadth and depth and the meaty juiciness of what this work brings to you."

Pat Schuler, President Gemini Resources

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